Presidents of the United States

Updated July 16, 2013

The Presidents of the Continental Congress

prior to the ratification of the United States Constitution
Name State/colony Age Term start Term end Length in days Previous Experience
Peyton Randolph Virginia 53 September 5, 1774 October 22, 1774 47 Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses
Henry Middleton South Carolina 57 October 22, 1774 October 26, 1774 4 Speaker, S.C. Commons House of Assembly
Peyton Randolph Virginia 54 May 10, 1775 May 24, 1775 14 Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses
John Hancock Massachusetts 38 May 24, 1775 October 29, 1777 889 President, Massachusetts Provincial Congress
Henry Laurens South Carolina 53 November 1, 1777 December 9, 1778 403 President, S.C. Provincial Congress, Vice President, S.C.
John Jay New York 32 December 10, 1778 September 28, 1779 292 Chief Justice New York Supreme Court
Samuel Huntington Connecticut 48 September 28, 1779 July 10, 1781 651 Associate Judge, Connecticut Superior Court
Thomas McKean Delaware 47 July 10, 1781 November 5, 1781 118 Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
John Hanson Maryland 66 November 5, 1781 November 4, 1782 364 Maryland House of Delegates
Elias Boudinot New Jersey 42 November 4, 1782 November 3, 1783 364 Commissary of Prisoners for the Continental Army
Thomas Mifflin Pennsylvania 39 November 3, 1783 June 3, 1784 213 Quartermaster General of Continental Army, Board of War
Richard Henry Lee Virginia 52 November 30, 1784 November 4, 1785 339 Virginia House of Burgesses
John Hancock Massachusetts 48 November 23, 1785 June 5, 1786 194 Governor of Massachusetts
Nathaniel Gorham Massachusetts 48 June 6, 1786 November 3, 1786 150 Board of War
Arthur St. Clair Pennsylvania 52 February 2, 1787 November 4, 1787 275 Major General, Continental Army
Cyrus Griffin Virginia 39 January 22, 1788 November 15, 1788 298 Judge, Virginia Court of Appeals

The Presidents of the United States

# President Vice President Term Party Jobs Before the Presidency Jobs After the Presidency
1 George Washington John AdamsP
John AdamsP
None Surveyor, Planter, General of the Army of the United Colonies Planter, Lieutenant-General of all the U.S. armies
2 John Adams4 Thomas JeffersonP 1797-1801 Federalist School Teacher, Lawyer, Diplomat, Vice President under Washington Writer
3 Thomas Jefferson Aaron Burr
George Clinton
Democratic-Republican Writer, Inventor, Lawyer, Architect, Governor of Virginia, Secretary of State under Washington, vice president under Adams Writer, Gentleman Farmer, Director at the University of Virginia
4 James Madison George Clinton
Elbridge Gerry
Democratic-Republican Lawyer, Political Theorist, U.S. Congressman, Secretary of State under Jefferson Director at the University of Virginia
5 James Monroe Daniel D. Tompkins 1817-1825 Democratic-Republican Soldier, Lawyer, U.S. Senator, Governor of Virginia Writer, Regent at the University of Virginia
6 John Quincy Adams4 John C. Calhoun 1825-1829 Democratic-Republican Lawyer, Diplomat, Professor, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State under Monroe U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
7 Andrew JacksonJ John C. Calhoun
Martin Van BurenP
DemocratJ Soldier, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator, Governor of Florida Gentleman Farmer
8 Martin Van Buren Richard M. Johnson 1837-1841 Democrat Lawyer, U.S. Senator, Governor of New York, Vice President under Jackson Activist for Free Soil Part
9 William Henry Harrison2 5 John TylerP 18412 S Whig Soldier, Diplomat, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator from Ohio died in office
10 John Tyler None 1841-1845 Whig Lawyer, U.S. congressman, U.S. Senator, Vice President under Harrison Lawyer, Chancellor of the College of William and Mary, member of the Confederate House of Representatives
11 James K. Polk George M. Dallas 1845-1849 Democrat Lawyer, U.S. Congressman, Governor of Tennessee died 103 days after leaving office
12 Zachary Taylor Millard FillmoreP 1849-18502 Whig Soldier died in office
13 Millard Fillmore None 1850-1853 Whig Lawyer, U.S. Congressman, Vice President under Taylor Political Activist, Chancellor of the University of Buffalo
14 Franklin Pierce William R. King 1853-1857 Democrat Lawyer, Soldier, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator from New Hampshire Gentleman Farmer
15 James Buchanan John C. Breckinridge 1857-1861 Democrat Lawyer, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator, U.S. Secretary of State Writer
16 Abraham Lincoln1 Hannibal Hamlin
Andrew JohnsonP
Republican Postmaster, Lawyer, U.S. Congressman from Illinois died in office
17 Andrew Johnson3 None 1865-1869 Democrat Tailor, U.S. Congressman, Governor of Tennessee, U.S. Senator from Tennessee, Vice President under Lincoln U.S. Senator from Tennessee
18 Ulysses S. Grant Schuyler Colfax
Henry Wilson
Republican U.S. Army General Political Activist, Writer
19 Rutherford B. Hayes William A. Wheeler 1877-1881 Republican Lawyer, Soldier, U.S. Congressman, Governor of Ohio Education Activist, President of the National Prison Reform Association
20 James A. Garfield1 Chester A. ArthurP 18811 Republican Schoolteacher, soldier, U.S. representative from Ohio died in office
21 Chester A. Arthur None 1881-1885 Republican School Teacher, Lawyer, Tariff Collector, Vice President under Garfield Lawyer
22 Grover Cleveland Thomas A. Hendricks 1885-1889 Democratic Sheriff, lawyer, mayor, governor of New York Reelected president
23 Benjamin Harrison5 Levi P. Morton 1889-1893 Republican Lawyer, Soldier, Journalist, U.S. Senator from Indiana Lawyer, Lecturer
24 Grover Cleveland Adlai E. Stevenson 1893-1897 Democratic Sheriff, Lawyer, Mayor, Governor of New York unknown
25 William McKinley1 Garret A. Hobart
Theodore RooseveltP
Republican Soldier, Lawyer, U.S. Congressman, Governor of Ohio died in office
26 Theodore Roosevelt Charles W. Fairbanks 1901-1905
Republican Rancher, Soldier, Governor of New York, Vice President under McKinley Hunter, Writer
27 William Howard Taft James S. Sherman 1909-1913 Republican Lawyer, Judge, Dean of the University of Cincinnati Law School, U.S. Secretary of War Professor, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
28 Woodrow Wilson Thomas R. Marshall 1913-1917
Democrat Lawyer, Professor, President of Princeton University, Governor of New Jersey Retired in poor health
29 Warren G. Harding2 Calvin CoolidgeP 1921-19232 Republican Newspaper Editor, U.S. Senator from Ohio died in office
30 Calvin Coolidge Charles G. Dawes 1923-1925
Republican Lawyer, Governor of Massachusetts, Vice President under Harding Writer, President of the American Antiquarian Society
31 Herbert C. Hoover Charles Curtis 1929-1933 Republican Engineer, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Chair of the Hoover Commission on Administrative Reform
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt2 John N. Garner
Henry A. Wallace
Harry S. TrumanP
19452 L
Democrat Lawyer, Governor of New York died in office
33 Harry S. Truman Alben Barkley 1945-1949
Democrat Farmer, Soldier, Judge, U.S. Senator, Vice President under Roosevelt Writer
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower Richard M. NixonP 1953-1961 Republican Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Writer
35 John F. Kennedy1 Lyndon B. JohnsonP 1961-19631 Democrat Journalist, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts died in office
36 Lyndon B. Johnson None
Hubert H. Humphrey
Democrat School Teacher, Soldier, Congressman, U.S. Senator from Texas, Vice President under Kennedy Rancher, Writer
37 Richard M. Nixon Spiro T. Agnew
Gerald R. FordP
Republican Lawyer, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator, Vice President under Eisenhower Writer
38 Gerald R. Ford Nelson A. Rockefeller 1974-1977 Republican Lawyer, U.S. Congressman, Vice President under Nixon Writer
39 Jimmy Carter Walter F. Mondale 1977-1981 Democrat Peanut Farmer, Governor of Georgia Writer, Humanitarian, Nobel-prize winning Statesman
40 Ronald W. Reagan George H.W. BushP 1981-1989 Republican Movie Actor, Corporate Spokesman, Governor of California Writer
41 George HerbertWalker Bush6 Dan Quayle 1989-1993 Republican Oil executive, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Director of CIA, Vice President under Reagan Private citizen; teamed with President Clinton to form Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina aid funds
42 William J. Clinton3 Albert Gore Jr. 1993-1997
Democrat Lawyer, Governor of Arkansas Writer, Independent Ambassador; teamed with President G.H.W. Bush to form Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina aid funds
43 George Walker Bush6 Richard B. Cheney 2001-2009 Republican Oil executive, Sport Team Owner, Governor of Texas  
44 Barack Hussein Obama II Joseph Biden 2009- Democrat U.S. Senator from Illinois Still in office


Order of Succession

The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 states:, if the President of the United States is
incapacitated, dies, resigns, is for any reason unable to hold his office, or is removed
from office (impeached and convicted), people in the following offices, in this order, will
assume the office of the President, provided they are qualified as stated by the Constitution
to assume the office of the President, which means they have to be must be at least 35 years old,
must be a natural-born U.S. citizen, and have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years. The 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, passed in 1967, provides for procedures to fill
vacancies in the Vice Presidency; further clarifies presidential succession rules.
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