Danny D. Rieck

Updated October 2, 2003

The following pages are dedicated to the Memory of Dan "Ace" Rieck

Dan was a Marine, a Firefigher, a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a cousin, and a friend we will all miss.

Danny Rieck, 47, loved family, work, life

A full life

Family, work

Memorial details

Marines and their bikes in front of an A-4

The following Pictures - via Jan and Stan

All photographs (C) Copyright 2003 Jan and Stan

Slide Show

Jonzy and Barney toasting to Dan Barney and Ben toasting to Dan The last ride to the Station Smitty, Jonzy, and Ben The Firefighters
Bob, Mary, Jan, Smitty, Bruce, Tootie, Ben, Barney, Dewey, Jonzy Nikki, Smitty, Irene (Smitty's Mom), Jan, Colleen, Dan, and Trevor in Oshkosh Neb. November 2001 Dan, Barney, and Smitty in Sturgis. Dan and Smitty. Sturgis late 70's Barney and Dan. Sturgis late 70's
Colleen and Dan. Sturgis 98 Dan and Colleen. Sturgis 98 Merri, Julie, Colleen, Rick, and Dan. Sturgis late 70's Dan. Sturgis late 70's Dan. Sturgis late 70's
Bruce, Dan, and Smitty. Sturgis 98 Dan. Sturgis 98 - avoiding the rain. The Gang. Sturgis 98 Dan and Colleen. Sturgis 95 Colleen, Dan, and Smitty. Sturgis 95.
Dan. Sturgis 95 - Getting some ink. Dan's new tat. Sturgis 95. Smitty and Dan. Deadwood 95. Dan and Smitty. Sturgis 95 Tootie, Bruce, Smitty and Dan. Sturgis 02.
Dan's Road King Nikki and Dan. Sturgis 02. Smitty, Trevor, John, Barney, Dan, Bruce, and Tootie. Sturgis 02. Trevor, Dan, and Bruce. Sturgis 02. Dan and Bruce. Sturgis 02.
Dan and Jerry Dan and Stan Still Smiling

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