In Loving Memory

Guen Lyman Smith

April 3, 1927 - February 22, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009 12:00 p.m.
Blanding L.D.S. North Chapen
Conducting: Bishop Joe Lyman

Family Prayer Norman L. Johnson (Son-in-law)
Prelude/Postlude Kay Jone (V.T. for 15+ years)
Family Song "Jesus, Unto Thee We Pray"
Invocation Cleal Bradford (Close Friend)
Life History LTC (Ret) Donna Smith (Daughter)
Misical Number Richard & Mary Ann Lyman (Nephew/Niece
Memories Cheyenne J. Adams (Granddaughter)
Family Song "Joseph"
Tribute Ellen Lyman Atkin (Sister)
Tribute Edith Lyman Powell Frost Smith (Sister)
Family Song "Jesus, Tender Shepherd, Hear Us"
Closing Remarks Bishop Joe Lyman
Benediction Floyd Atkin (Brother-in-law)

Graveside Service
Song "Mary, to the Savior,s Tomb"
Dedication of the Grave Ned Lyman Smith (Son)
Interment Blanding City Cemetery

Don Northern Johnson
Dallas Lyman Johnson
Benjamin Hunt Smith
Jacob Hunt Smith
Jonathan Joseph Smith
Christope James Smith
Zachary Johnson Adams
Dakota Dillon Adams

Honorary Pallbearers
Nathan Hyrum Smith
Preston Michael Forrester
Jaxon Cody Peacock
Javen Lyman Peacock
Jentz Lynn Peacock
Weston John Laws
Nolan Johnson Laws
Corbyn Ellis Laws
Grayson Northern Johnson
Brock Lyman Johnson
Houson Johnson Hurst
Nielson Johnson Hurst
Lyle Norman Draper
Issac Jesse Draper